Site Plan Control: The purpose of this application is to remove the existing gas bar kiosk and used car sales building. The pump locations and the overhead canopy will remain. There will a new 186-square metre convenience store constructed on the site and two additional pump stations installed close to the Bank Street frontage. Further, a 122-square metre roll-over car wash building containing nine spaces, with an associated stacking lane, will be constructed along the north property line. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 10 - GLOUCESTER-SOUTHGATE - Diane Deans
Address (Zoning) 2931 Bank Street (AM1 H(30))
Title Modified
Tree Conservation Report & Landscape Plan 2013-07-16
Canopy Architectural Elevations 2013-07-16
Elevations 1 2013-07-16
Elevations 2 2013-07-16
Environmental Noise Analysis 2013-07-16
Geotechnical Investigation 2013-07-16
Phase II Environmental Site Assessment 2013-07-16
Planning Rationale 2013-07-16
Servicing & Stormwater Management Design Brief 2013-07-16
Site Grading Plan 2013-07-16
Site Plan 2013-07-16
Site Servicing Plan 2013-07-16
Transportation Analysis 2013-07-16
Date Status
2013-07-12 Application on Hold
2013-06-19 Community Information and Comment Session Held
2013-05-13 Application Reactivated
2013-05-03 Application on Hold
2013-04-11 Comment Period in Progress

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