Site Plan Control: The subject site is currently occupied by two high-rise apartment buildings. The site is surrounded by retail uses to the west and low-profile residential uses to the north, east, and south. Highway 417 is located approximately one kilometre south of the Donald Street and St. Laurent Boulevard intersection. The site is designated General Urban Area in the Official Plan and zoned R5A H(40) - Residential Fifth Density. Purpose of Site Plan Control Proposal The purpose of the Site Plan Control proposal is t View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 11 - BEACON HILL-CYRVILLE - Tim Tierney
Address (Zoning) 1240 Donald Street (R5A H(40))
1241 Donald Street (AM10[2199])
1243 Donald Street (AM10[2199])
1244 Donald Street (R5A H(40))
Title Modified
Transportation Brief - November 2013 2014-01-16
Elevations and Floor Plans 2013-07-03
Planning Rationale 2013-05-31
Shadow Studies 2013-05-31
Survey Plan 2013-05-31
Landscape Plan 2013-05-21
Tree Conservation Repor 2013-05-21
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan 2013-04-03
Noise Study 2013-04-03
Transportation Brief 2013-03-27
Phase 1 ESA 2013-03-13
Site Plan 2013-01-22
Servicing and Stormwater Management Report 2012-12-21
Grading Plan 2012-12-20
Grading Plan 2 2012-12-20
Servicing Plan 2012-12-20
Servicing Plan 2 2012-12-20
Date Status
2013-08-12 Application File Pending
2013-08-05 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2013-07-05 Comment Period in Progress

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