Site Plan Control: Proposal consists of a 7 storey mixed-use building comprised of the ground floor commercial uses, with office use on the 2nd and 7th floors, along with a 4 storey parkade to the south of the site. The development includes 1 level of underground parking, vast landscaped area, and 2 on-site loading bays screened from view. The parking garage is approximately 5,314 m² in size and includes one underground level and four above grade levels of parking. The parking garage will be attached to the proposed office building on the main floor. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 12 - RIDEAU-VANIER - Mathieu Fleury
Address (Zoning) 250 MONTREAL (TM3 H(42))
Title Modified
Stormwater + Servicing Report 2013-12-23
REVISION MAY 23, 2013 Mechanical Plan 2013-05-17
REVISION MAY 23, 2013 Site Plan 2013-05-16
REVISION MAY 23, 2013 Lighting Plan 2013-05-02
REVISION MAY 23, 2013 Elevations and Floor Plans 2013-05-01
REVISION MAY 23, 2013 General Plan of Services 2013-04-30
REVISION MAY 23, 2013 Grading Plan 2013-04-30
REVISED Devlopment Servicing Study & Stormwater Management Report 2013-01-30
REVISED East & West Elevations 2013-01-30
REVISED General Plan of Services 2013-01-30
REVISED Grading Plan 2013-01-30
REVISED Ground Floor Plan, Parking Garage, P2 Level Plan 2013-01-30
REVISED Landscape Plan 2013-01-30
REVISED North & South Elevations 2013-01-30
REVISED Site Plan 2013-01-30
D07-12-12-0165 UDRP Formal Submission 2012-11-22
Tree Conservation Report1 2012-09-21
Parking Garage Layout 2012-09-19
Site Plan 2012-09-19
Traffic Report1 2012-09-19
Grading Plan1 2012-09-18
Landscape Plan 2012-09-18
Servicing Plan1 2012-09-18
Stormwater Management 2012-09-18
Geotechnical Report1 2012-08-16
Survey 2012-08-16
Date Status
2014-11-27 Receipt of Agreement from Owner Pending
2013-12-20 Request for Agreement Received
2013-11-28 Draft Report Sent to Councillor and Applicant for Response
2012-11-13 Application on Hold

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