Site Plan Control: The purpose of this application is to permit the development of a two-story, nine meter high building, with associated parking and landscaping. The building to be constructed is to be the Carp Research and Development Centre. The building is proposed to be two stories in height with a gross floor area of 550 m2. The building is proposed to be located towards the east side of the property, with the main entrance located adjacent to the driveway on the north-west face of the building. The driveway is proposed to provide access to 23 outdoor parking spots and a double garage door on the north-west face of the building at the rear. The site is proposed to be privately serviced by both a well and a septic system. Stormwater issues are proposed to be addressed using on-site measures to conform to the requirements of the subdivision agreement and the City of Ottawa's Sewer Design Guidelines View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 21 - RIDEAU-GOULBOURN - Scott Moffatt
Address (Zoning) 171 WALGREEN (RG4)
Title Modified
MOE-Record of consult & rational for ECA exemption 2013-08-02
Revised Grade, Drainage & Site Servicing Plan 2012-08-17
Revised Hydrogeological Report 2012-08-17
Revised Planning Rationale 2012-08-17
Revised Site & Landscape Plan 2012-08-17
Revised Site Servicing & Stormwater Report 2012-08-17
Elevations 2012-05-30
Geotechnical Study 2012-05-30
Grading, Erosion, Stormwater Management & Site Servicing Plan 2012-05-30
Hydrogeological Report 2012-05-30
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2012-05-30
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Addendum 2012-05-30
Planning Rationale 2012-05-30
Site & Landscape Plan 2012-05-30
Site Servicing & Stormwater Report 2012-05-30
Date Status
2015-11-15 Signed Letter of Undertaking Received

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