Site Plan Control: Proposal for a one-storey warehouse building (approx. 6,271 m²) with a one-storey warehouse link to the existing two-storey office/warehouse building at 1914 Merivale Road. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 9 - KNOXDALE-MERIVALE - Keith Egli
Address (Zoning) 1914 Merivale Road (IG)
1916 Merivale Road (IG)
1920 Merivale Road (IG)
Title Modified
Servicing Report 2012-10-01
Details and Erosion Control Plan 2012-03-06
Existing Conditions Plan 2012-03-06
Grading Plan GP-1 2012-03-06
Grading Plan GP-2 2012-03-06
Overall Site Servicing Plan 2012-03-06
Sanitary Drainage Plan 2012-03-06
Site Servicing Plan SSP-1 2012-03-06
Site Servicing Plan SSP-2 2012-03-06
Storm Drainage Plan Existing Conditions 2012-03-06
Storm Drainage Plan Proposed Conditions 2012-03-06
Elevations 2012-02-22
Site Plan 2012-02-22
Geotechnical Report 2012-02-15
Date Status
2013-09-18 Request for Agreement Received
2013-02-11 Application on Hold

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