Site Plan Control: High rise residentail condominium building of 158 units and 162 off street parking spaces, 155 of which are indoors. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 15 - KITCHISSIPPI - Katherine Hobbs
Address (Zoning) 99 Parkdale Avenue (R5B[1929] S284-h)
101 Parkdale Avenue (R5B[1929] S284-h)
105 Parkdale Avenue (R5B[1929] S284-h)
107 Parkdale Avenue (R5B[1929] S284-h)
Possibly related devapp(s) D07-03-13-0005 - Cash-in-Lieu of Parking
Title Modified
Design Review Panel Submission Phase II 2013-03-25
Drainage Plan 2013-03-25
Grading Plan 2013-03-25
Ground Floor Plan 2013-03-25
Lighting Plan 2013-03-25
Noise Report 2013-03-25
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Appendices 2013-03-25
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment 2013-03-25
Planning Rationale 2013-03-25
Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation 2013-03-25
Servicing Plan 2013-03-25
Servicing Report 2013-03-25
Site Plan 2013-03-25
Site Plan Final 2013-03-25
Site Servicing Report 2013-03-25
Traffic Brief 2013-03-25
Traffic Report 2013-03-25
Tree Conservation Report 2013-03-25
Date Status
2013-04-18 Request for Agreement Received
2012-05-23 Application on Hold

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