Site Plan Control: The planned development for 865 Taylor Creek is the new head offices for Oakwood The Renovation Experts. The new Oakwood head office will consist of an administrative component, comprised of offices, meeting spaces, show room and support spaces. The proposed orientation and design of the building responds to the contextual features of the site and considers future neighboring developments. Some of the design objectives include the demonstration of Oakwood's design and environmental values. It is the clients objective to achieve LEED Platinum for this development. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 1 - ORLÉANS - Bob Monette
Address (Zoning) 865 TAYLOR CREEK (IL4[295] H(21))
Title Modified
Geotechnical Report 2012-04-20
Landscaping Plan Rev #2 2012-04-20
Servicing Brief 2012-04-20
Site Plan Rev #2 2012-04-20
Revised Landscape Plan 2012-02-22
Revised Site Plan 2012-02-22
Survey Plan 2011-09-19
Date Status
2013-05-05 Agreement Registered - Final Legal Clearance Given
2013-02-12 Request for Agreement Received

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