Site Plan Control: To construct a new private road within the site running north-south flanked by a series of seven new buildings to create a main street design concept. Building will consist of a two-storey retail podium with a residential condominium bar bauilding above/ or a residential condominum tower. One bar building will be intended for office use. Total number of new residential units to be approx 752 View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 16 - RIVER - Riley Brockington
Address (Zoning) 300 Central Park Drive (AM[1889] S273, 274)
Title Modified
April 2013 REV landscape plan L1 2013-03-27
April 2013 REV landscape plan L2 2013-03-27
April 2013 REV site plan overall 2013-03-27
April 2013 REV site plan Phs 1 2013-03-27
Nov 2012 Elevation 2012-10-24
Urban Design Panel - Formal Submission 2012-08-28
Erosion Control Plan 2011-07-07
Existing Conditions Plan 2011-07-07
Master Grading Plan 2011-07-07
Master Servicing Plan 2011-07-07
Phase I Grading Plan 2011-07-07
Phase I Site Servicing Plan 2011-07-07
Servicing & Stormwater Management Plan 2011-07-07
Overall Landscape Plan 2011-07-05
Phase I Landscape Plan 2011-07-05
Transportation Impact Study 2011-06-27
Date Status
2013-08-06 Application File Pending
2013-04-18 Application Reactivated
2011-10-28 Application on Hold

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