Site Plan Control: The Zoning By-law Amendment and associated Site Plan Control application is to facilitate the development of an 8-storey residential condominium with associated underground parking fronting onto Bruyere and a 3-storey, three-unit townhouse fronting onto St. Andrew Street. The proposed 3-storey townhouse development fronting onto St. Andrew Street does not require an amendment to the zoning to permit the use of the land for the multi-attached dwellings; rather the proposal is requesting some modifications to the required setbacks for the R4T zone for 321 St. Andrew Street. The Zoning By-law Amendment proposes to amend the existing R4T zoning for the 8-storey residential building to a Residential Fifth Density Zone (R5N) to permit the 8-storey building with exceptions to address the following requested setbacks " A front yard setback of 1.0 metre; " A height of 26 metres; and " A minimum interior side yard setback of 1.5 metres for the east and west sides of the building. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 12 - RIDEAU-VANIER - Mathieu Fleury
Address (Zoning) 321 ST. ANDREW (R5N[1856] S270)
326 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
334 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
318 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
324 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
328 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
330 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
322 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
317 ST. ANDREW (R5N[1856] S270)
316 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
320 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
332 BRUYERE (R5N[1856] S270)
Title Modified
Site Plan - Revised 2011-11-15
Landscape Plan Revised 2011-09-19
Transportation Study - Addendum 2011-07-05
Landscape Plan - Revised 2011-05-30
Site Plan Revised 2011-05-02
Revised East Elevation 2011-04-28
Revised GradingPlan 2011-04-28
Revised North Elevation 2011-04-28
Revised Servicing Plan 2011-04-28
Revised South Elevation 2011-04-28
Revised Stormwater Site Management Plan 2011-04-28
Revised Sun Shadow Study 2011-04-28
Revised West Elevation 2011-04-28
Environmental Site Assessment - Phase I Revised 2011-04-18
Geotechnical Study Revised 2011-04-13
Planning Rationale - Revised 2011-04-07
Noise Control Study 2011-01-04
Elevation - Townhouse East 2010-12-21
Elevation - Townhouse North 2010-12-21
Elevation - Townhouse South 2010-12-21
Elevation - Townhouse West 2010-12-21
Environmental Site Assessment Phase I 2010-12-21
Geotechnical Study 2010-12-21
Grading & Erosion Control Plan 2010-12-21
Planning Rationale 2010-12-21
Servicing Plan 2010-12-21
Site Servicing Brief 2010-12-21
Stormwater Site Management Plan 2010-12-21
Survey 2010-12-21
Transportation Brief 2010-12-21
Tree Conservation Report 2010-12-21
Elevation - East & West 2010-12-20
Elevation - North 2010-12-20
Elevation - South 2010-12-20
Site Plan 2010-12-20
Sun Shadow Study 2010-12-20
Date Status
2016-01-27 Agreement Registered - Final Legal Clearance Given

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