Site Plan Control: The purpose of the site plan control application is to facilitate the development of a three-storey, 32-unit low-rise apartment development with associated underground parking. The 3-storey apartment is designed to provide a centre courtyard with the interior units' balconies facing the courtyard. The rear facing units are proposed to have balconies facing the rear yard and the front facing units are proposed to have balconies facing the front yard. The proposal consists of underground parking and storage areas; board fencing along the north, east and west lot lines. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 13 - RIDEAU-ROCKCLIFFE - Peter Clark
Address (Zoning) 280 Crichton Street (R4S)
282 Crichton Street (R4S)
Title Modified
(REVISED) Site Plan 2013-11-07
FINAL Landscaping Plans 2013-10-23
FINAL Site Plan1 2013-10-23
(REVISED) Elevations - North & West 2013-07-30
(REVISED) Elevations - South & East 2013-07-30
(REVISED) Grading Plan 2013-07-30
(REVISED) Landscape Planting Plan 2013-07-30
(REVISED) Landscaping Plan - existing 2013-07-30
(REVISED) Notes & Details 2013-07-30
(REVISED) Parking Level 2013-07-30
(REVISED) Site Servicing Plan 2013-07-30
(REVISED) Tree Conservation Report 2013-07-30
Elevations North and West 2010-11-22
Elevations South and East 2010-11-22
Environmental Site Assessment Phase III 2010-11-22
Geotechnical Study 2010-11-22
Landscape Plan 2010-11-22
Parking Plan 2010-11-22
Plan Basement D07-12-10-219 2010-11-22
Plan First Floor 2010-11-22
Plan Roof 2010-11-22
Plan Second Floor 2010-11-22
Plan Third Floor 2010-11-22
Servicing Brief 2010-11-22
Site Plan 2010-11-22
Stormwater Site Management Report 2010-11-22
Traffic Impact Study 2010-11-22
Tree Preservation and Protection Plan 2010-11-22
Date Status
2013-11-01 Application Approved
2013-10-28 Applicant Concurs
2013-10-25 Draft Report Sent to Councillor and Applicant for Response
2013-08-19 Application on Hold
2010-12-24 Application on Hold

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