Site Plan Control: The application proposes to construct a new 6-storey 5,582 square metre mixed-use apartment building with a maximum height of 20 metres. The building is proposed to have 61 apartment units and 4 commercial units at grade that front onto Main Street. There will be 2 levels of underground parking with 64 parking spaces. The main lobby entrance is proposed on the northwest corner of the building and the vehicular access to underground parking is located on the southeast corner off of Springhurst Avenue. Amenity space is proposed on the eastern side of the building, which includes a private patio on the ground floor with soft landscaping. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 17 - CAPITAL - David Chernushenko
Address (Zoning) 129 Main Street (TM7[1839])
Title Modified
Elevation Plans 2014-02-13
Landscape Interim 2014-02-13
Landscape Ultimate 2014-02-13
Site Plan Interim 2014-02-13
Site Plan Ultimate 2014-02-13
Landscape Plan 2010-08-19
Building Elevations (east & north) 2010-08-11
Building Elevations (west & south) 2010-08-11
Conceptual Site Servicing Study 2010-08-11
Environmental Remediation Monitoring Program 2010-08-11
Geotechnical Study 2010-08-11
Noise Control Study 2010-08-11
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2010-08-11
Seismic Shear Wave Velocity Testing Report 2010-08-11
Site Plan 2010-08-11
Sun Shadow Study 2010-08-11
Traffic Study 2010-08-11
Date Status
2014-04-10 Application Approved
2014-04-09 Applicant Concurs
2014-03-25 Draft Report Sent to Councillor and Applicant for Response
2014-02-07 Application Reactivated
2011-12-14 Application on Hold

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