Plan of Condominium: Extension of time to Establish common elements condominium consisting of provate road, visitor parking, garbage pad etc. to be tied to existing 4 & 5 unit blocks View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 16 - RIVER - Riley Brockington
Address (Zoning) 140 MONTAUK (R3A[1668] H(8))
105 MONTAUK (R3A[1668] H(8))
136 MONTAUK (R3A[1668] H(8))
132 MONTAUK (R3A[1668] H(8))
880 GREENBRIAR (R3A[1668] H(8))
144 MONTAUK (R3A[1668] H(8))
109 MONTAUK (R3A[1668] H(8))
117 MONTAUK (R3A[1668] H(8))
113 MONTAUK (R3A[1668] H(8))
101 MONTAUK (R3A[1668] H(8))
Title Modified
Date Status
2014-11-12 Draft Approved

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