Cash-in-Lieu of Parking: The purpose of this application is to permit cash-in-lieu of parking for one parking space. The applicant is proposing to add two additional dwelling units in the basement of an existing six unit apartment dwelling, resulting in a total of eight dwelling units. The Zoning By-law requires four parking spaces (0.5 spaces per unit) for the development, and the existing site can only accommodate three parking spaces. Since the fourth required parking space cannot be provided on the subject property, the applicant is requesting to provide cash-in-lieu of parking for one space. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 15 - KITCHISSIPPI - Katherine Hobbs
Address (Zoning) 324 Currell Avenue (R4Q)
Title Modified
Application Summary 2013-06-26
Building Plans - 324 Currell 2013-06-25
Survey - 324 Currell 2013-06-25
Date Status
2013-08-12 Application Approved
2013-07-26 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2013-06-28 Comment Period in Progress

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