Zoning By-law Amendment: The proposal is for the development of a 21 storey high-rise apartment building with 116 dwelling units. An underground garage will provide access to 12 parking spaces. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 14 - SOMERSET - Catherine Mckenney
Address (Zoning) 339 GLOUCESTER (R5Q H(64))
343 GLOUCESTER (R5Q H(64))
Possibly related devapp(s) D07-12-19-0140 - Site Plan Control
Title Modified
2019-08-22-Application Summary- 2019-08-22
2019-08-21-Landscape Plan- 2019-07-30
2019-08-21-Planning Rationale- 2019-07-30
2019-08-21-Noise Assessment- 2019-07-29
2019-08-21-TIA- 2019-07-29
2019-08-21-Wind Study- 2019-07-29
2019-08-21-3D Views- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-Elevations- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-Erosion Control Plan- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-Existing Conditions- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-Floor Plans- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-Grading Plan- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-Perspective- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-Shadow Study- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-Site Servicing Plan- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-South Elevation- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-SWM Plan- 2019-07-17
2019-08-21-Lower Floor Plans- 2019-07-16
2019-08-21-Phase I ESA- 2019-07-16
2019-08-21-Site Plan- 2019-07-16
2019-08-21-Upper Floor Plans- 2019-07-16
2019-08-21-GeoTech Report- 2019-04-11
2019-08-21-Site Survey- 2018-10-15
Date Status

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