Zoning By-law Amendment: The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment to add a place of worship as a permitted use within the Light Industrial (IL) Zoning District. An existing two-storey office building exists on the site, and the proposed use would utilize approximately 240 square metres of space on the second floor. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 18 - ALTA VISTA - Jean Cloutier
Address (Zoning) 2723 LANCASTER (IL[304])
Title Modified
Application Summary - 2018-12-14 2018-12-14
Location Map - 2018-12-14 2018-12-12
Concept Plan - 2018-12-14 2018-11-16
Planning Rationale - 2018-12-14 2018-11-15
Noise Assessment Memordandum - 2018-12-14 2018-11-13
Servicing Memorandum - 2018-12-14 2018-11-13
Transportation Impact Screening Form - 2018-12-14 2018-11-13
What is a Zoning By-law Amendment_EN 2018-09-26
What is a Zoning By-law Amendment_FR 2018-09-26
Date Status
2019-05-07 Zoning By-law in Effect
2019-04-17 By-law Passed - In Appeal Period
2019-04-10 Application Approved by Council
2018-12-19 Comment Period in Progress

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