Zoning By-law Amendment: the development proposes a new 3.5 storey apatment building with 22 rental units and a covered parking area located at the rear of the building. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 12 - RIDEAU-VANIER - Mathieu Fleury
Address (Zoning) 67 MARQUETTE (R4E[2400])
71 MARQUETTE (R4E[2400])
Possibly related devapp(s) D07-12-14-0078 - Site Plan Control
Title Modified
Sun Shadow Study 2015-01-13
Landscape Plan 2015-01-13
Elevations Revised 2014-10-08
perspectives Revised 2014-10-08
Site Plan and Floor Plans Revised 2014-10-08
Environmental Site Assessment - Phase 2 2014-06-16
perspectives 2014-05-09
Application Summary 2014-05-07
Elevations 2014-04-29
Environmental Site Assessment - Phase I 2014-04-29
Erosion Control Plan 2014-04-29
Geotechnical Study 2014-04-29
Noise Study 2014-04-29
Planning Rationale 2014-04-29
Site Plan 2014-04-29
Site Servicing and Grading Plan 2014-04-29
Stormwater Management Plan 2014-04-29
Stormwater Management Report 2014-04-29
Survey 2014-04-29
Traffic Study 2014-04-29
Tree Conservation Plan 2014-04-29
Date Status
2016-01-21 Application Approved by OMB
2015-01-12 OMB Package Sent
2014-12-24 Appealed to OMB
2014-11-25 Application Recommended to Council for Approval
2014-11-14 Notice of Public Meeting Sent
2014-05-06 Comment Period in Progress

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