Zoning By-law Amendment: City-initiated proposals form part of a study being conducted by the Zoning Consistency Team to review permitted building heights throughout Kanata. The primary focus is with respect to the Kanata Town Centre as well as key intersections and designated mainstreets throughout the remainder of Kanata. Recommendations for maximum building heights through the Zoning By-law Amendment (D02-02-14-0030) are intended to provide consistency with the Official Plan so that residents, developers, businesses and others can have greater certainty about what can be expected when it comes to future development in the review areas. Similarly, the proposed Official Plan Amendment (D01-01-14-0004) is recommended to amend the Kanata Town Centre Secondary Plan to allow policies related to permitting "High-rise 10 to 30 storey" buildings to be applicable where located in close proximity to a transit station and/or transit corridor. Review www.ottawa.ca/kanatazoning for more details View application on ottawa.ca

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Address (Zoning)
Title Modified
Staff Report 2014-07-10
Kanata Building Height Study - Candidate Locations explained 2014-04-02
Kanata Building Height Study - Proposal Summary 2014-04-02
Location Map 1 2014-03-26
Location Map 4 2014-03-26
Location Map 2 2014-03-25
Location Map 3 2014-03-25
Location Map 5 2014-03-25
Areas subject to Amendment (Ward 23) 2014-03-24
Areas subject to Amendment (Ward 4) 2014-03-24
Date Status
2015-07-20 Application Approved in part by OMB
2014-07-08 Amendment Recommended to Council for Approval

No map because no addresses were detected in the development application.
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