Zoning By-law Amendment: Two (2) mixed-use building with commercial at grade and residential units above. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 15 - KITCHISSIPPI - Jeff Leiper
Address (Zoning) 9 Bullman Street (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
11 Bullman Street (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
13 Bullman Street (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
15 Bullman Street (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
250 Parkdale Avenue (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
266 Parkdale Avenue (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
268 Parkdale Avenue (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
272 Parkdale Avenue (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
274 Parkdale Avenue (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
1518 Scott Street (MC12 F(2.0) H(19))
Possibly related devapp(s) D07-05-13-0001 - Demolition Control
D07-05-15-0005 - Demolition Control
D07-05-15-0009 - Demolition Control
Title Modified
FINAL Ground Floor and Parking Plans 2015-03-24
FINAL Site Plan 2015-03-24
Architectural Plans, revised January 2015 2015-01-30
Scott Street Secondary Plan 2015-01-26
Adequacy of Services REVISED July 2014 2014-07-04
Demonstration Plan REVISED July 2014 2014-07-04
Phase I ESA REVISED July 2014 2014-07-04
Phase II ESA REVISED July 2014 2014-07-04
Site Plan REVISED July 2014 2014-07-04
Transportation Addendum REVISED July 2014 2014-07-04
Zoning GFA REVISED July 2014 2014-07-04
Phase 1 ESA.pdf 2013-08-21
Phase 2 ESA.pdf 2013-08-21
Concept Plan.pdf 2013-06-21
Geotechnical Report.pdf 2013-06-21
Community Transportation Study.pdf 2013-06-20
Wind Study.pdf 2013-06-18
Adequacy of Services.pdf 2013-04-24
Planning Rationale.pdf 2013-04-24
Survey Plan.pdf 2013-03-25
Geotechnical Report 2.pdf 2012-06-12
Noise Impact Study.pdf 2012-05-03
Vibration Impact Study.pdf 2012-05-03
Date Status
2015-04-14 Application Recommended to Council for Approval
2015-04-02 Notice of Public Meeting Sent
2013-09-24 Application on Hold
2013-08-27 Comment Period in Progress

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