Zoning By-law Amendment: Meloshe and Associates Ltd. were retained by the City of Ottawa's Planning and Growth Management Department to undertake a zoning review for the three subject properties. the objective of the zoning review was to determine whether the existing zoning for the properties is in line with the current Official Plan policies and, if not, what development intensity might be expected. The following recommended zoning amendment is proposed 1) Prohibit the follwoing uses which are currently permitted animal hospita, bank/bank machine, community centre, drive-through facility, municipal service centre. 2) Increase the permitted building height from 10m to a maximum building height of 15m. 3) Increase the rear yard setback from 7.5m to 10m all of which must be landscaped. 4) An opaque screen must be provided along the rear property line at a minimum height of 2m. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 9 - KNOXDALE-MERIVALE - Keith Egli
Address (Zoning) 171 Greenbank Road (GM9[2054] H(15))
173 Greenbank Road (GM9[2054] H(15))
175 Greenbank Road (GM9[2054] H(15))
Title Modified
Application Summary - Bilingual 2013-04-24
Bilingual Location Map 2013-04-24
DRAFT REPORT - 171-175 Greenbank Zoning Review 2013-04-24
Date Status
2013-08-16 Appealed to OMB
2013-07-31 By-law Passed - In Appeal Period
2013-05-14 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2013-04-16 Comment Period in Progress

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