Zoning By-law Amendment: The purpose of this application is to amend the I1A - Minor Institutional Zone, subzone A, which does not permit residential uses, to GM F(4.85) H(62) [XXXX] - General Mixed-Use Zone with a maximum building height of 62 metres and a special exception. This new zone would permit a mixed-use development including a 19-storey apartment tower located on the north side of the site facing Scott Street, with approximately 387.87 square metres of commercial space on the ground floor and 603.87 square metres of office space on the second floor. There will be outdoor amenity space on the ground floor. The former school building will be converted into a five-storey residential building, and four townhomes will be constructed along Carruthers Avenue with a height of 11 metres. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 15 - KITCHISSIPPI - Katherine Hobbs
Address (Zoning) 12 Stirling Avenue (GM[2093] H53 F(4.5))
Title Modified
Elevations_Revised 2014-04-03
Conceptual Plan_Revised 2014-04-02
Site Plan_JAN2014 2014-01-07
Planning Rationale 2013-04-29
Architectural Building Elevation Drawings 2013-04-03
Conceptual Plan - Proposed Land Uses & Landscaping 2013-04-03
Conceptual Plan - Ultimate Land Use 2013-04-03
Environmental Site Assessment - Phase I 2013-04-03
Landscape Plan 2013-04-03
Sun Shadow Study 2013-04-03
Survey Plan 2013-04-03
Traffic Noise Vibration Study 2013-04-03
Transportation Brief 2013-04-03
Geotechnical Study 2013-04-02
D02-020-13-0033 Site Servicing Study 2013-04-02
Date Status
2014-07-15 Zoning By-law in Effect
2014-06-25 By-law Passed - In Appeal Period
2014-05-27 Application Recommended to Council for Approval
2013-12-31 Zoning By-law in Effect
2013-12-11 By-law Passed - In Appeal Period
2013-05-16 Application on Hold
2013-04-18 Comment Period in Progress

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