Zoning By-law Amendment: In response to residents' interest about development in their neighbourhood, a Focused Zoning Study was initiated in late 2012. This study involved a review of the current zoning provisions of the ten properties in the study area in the context of land uses policies in the Official Plan. Based on comments from residents received after the distribution of the preliminary recommendations, as well as comments that will be received through the circulation of this Zoning By-law Amendment Application, finalized zoning recommendations will be prepared and included within the report to be presented to Planning Committee. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 3 - BARRHAVEN - Jan Harder
Address (Zoning) 15 Deerfox Drive (R2V[2050]-h)
23 Deerfox Drive (R2V[2050]-h)
33 Deerfox Drive (R2V[2050]-h)
39 Deerfox Drive (R2V[2050]-h)
3102 Woodroffe Avenue (LC8[2050] H(11)-h)
3112 Woodroffe Avenue (LC8[2050] H(11)-h)
3120 Woodroffe Avenue (LC8[2050] H(11)-h)
3130 Woodroffe Avenue (LC8[2050] H(11)-h)
3150 Woodroffe Avenue (LC8[2050] H(11)-h)
3162 Woodroffe Avenue (LC8[2050] H(11)-h)
Title Modified
Application Summary 2013-07-29
Location Map 2013-07-29
Notice of Application 2013-07-29
Preliminary Recommendations - English 2013-07-29
Preliminary Recommendations - French 2013-07-29
Date Status
2013-07-25 Zoning By-law in Effect
2013-07-05 By-law Passed - In Appeal Period
2013-06-26 Application Approved by Council
2013-06-11 Application Recommended to Council for Approval
2013-03-27 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2013-02-27 Comment Period in Progress

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