Zoning By-law Amendment: Rezone lands to establish a mineral extraction operation (quarry). Entire property measures approx.141.9ha while proposed license area will be 115.1ha of the site.The initial extraction area will be 52ha & will be rezoned from MR1 to ME.The balance of the MR1 lands will be rezoned to ME[xxxr]-h. The hold symbol will not be removed until an application for its lifting is made & conditions contained in the Rural Exception are met. The RU zoned portion of the property is unaffected by application. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 21 - RIDEAU-GOULBOURN - Scott Moffatt
Address (Zoning) 7315 FERNBANK (ME)
Title Modified
Environmental Impact Statement & Level 1 and 2 Natural Environment Report 2015-03-20
Watercourse and Feature Specific Water Budget Assessments 2015-02-23
2013 Species at Risk Inventories 2015-02-20
Application Summary 2012-10-16
Stormwater Management Brief 2012-10-16
Archaeological Resource Assessment - Stage 1 2012-10-15
Archaeological Resource Assessment - Stage 2 & 3 2012-10-15
Hydrogeological Report 2012-10-15
Nosie & Vibration Study 2012-10-15
Planning Rationale 2012-10-15
Site Plan 2012-10-15
Transportation Impact Study 2012-10-15
Date Status
2015-11-10 OMB Appeal Withdrawn - Application Approved
2015-05-27 OMB Package Sent
2015-05-13 Appealed to OMB
2015-04-23 By-law Passed - In Appeal Period
2015-04-15 Application Approved by Council
2015-04-02 Application Recommended to Council for Approval
2015-03-10 Application Reactivated
2012-12-03 Application on Hold

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