Zoning By-law Amendment: A previous application was submitted in June 2011 to change the zoning of 2940 Baseline Road (D02-02-11-0048). At that time, the development proposed 4 residential apartment towers at 7, 12, 14 and 16 stories respectively. Following two public consultation meetings, the proposed development was modified to 3 towers with a small commercial component along Baseline Road. In late 2011, the adjacent property, 2946 Baseline Road, was brought into the scope of the project. Consequently, a modified site arrangement and rezoning resulted in a new application being required. Brigil Homes is proposing a multi-building, mixed use development for the property. The easternmost property (2940 Baseline Road) will accommodate 3 high-rise residential towers at 10, 12 and 16 storeys respectively. The three towers will accommodate 420 apartment units. The high-rise towers will be arranged in a row on a north-south axis, with the highest tower between the 12 and 10 storey building. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 8 - COLLEGE - Rick Chiarelli
Address (Zoning) 2940 Baseline Road (GM[2138] S325)
2946 Baseline Road (GM[2138] S325 -h)
Possibly related devapp(s) D02-02-11-0048 - Zoning By-law Amendment
D07-12-14-0198 - Site Plan Control
Title Modified
Solar Study - Updated 2013-10-23
Rooftop Amenity Space - Updated 2013-10-22
Architectural Plan - Updated 2013-10-16
Community Transportation Study - Updated 2013-10-16
Planning Rationale Addendum 2013-10-16
Site Plan - Roof 2013-10-16
Site Plan Exterior Parking 2013-10-16
Site Servicing Study - Updated 2013-10-16
D02-02-12-007 Application Summary 2012-10-18
Elevations - Bldg A 2012-10-17
Elevations - Bldg A2 2012-10-17
Elevations - Bldg B 2012-10-17
Elevations - Bldg B2 2012-10-17
Elevations - Bldg C 2012-10-17
Elevations - Bldg C2 2012-10-17
Elevations - Bldg D 2012-10-17
Elevations - Bldg D2 2012-10-17
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2012-10-17
Planning Rationale 2012-10-17
Shadow Study #1 2012-10-17
Shadow Study #2 2012-10-17
Site Servicing Study 2012-10-17
Transportation Impact Study 2012-10-17
Date Status
2014-07-02 Zoning By-law in Effect
2014-06-12 By-law Passed - In Appeal Period
2014-05-13 Application Recommended to Council for Approval
2014-01-07 Application on Hold
2013-10-11 Application Reactivated
2012-12-03 Application on Hold

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