Zoning By-law Amendment: Richcraft is proposing a 838.9sq.m. commericial / retail building at the intersection of Montreal Rd and Ogilvie Rd - The site will be accessible from both Ogilvie Rd ( west side of the site) and Laporte ( east side of the site) 33 parking spaces including 1 handicapped will be provided View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 11 - BEACON HILL-CYRVILLE - Tim Tierney
Address (Zoning) 2084 Montreal Road (AM10[1459])
Title Modified
Elevations 2013-07-29
Engineering Plans 2013-07-29
Environmental Site Assessment Update 2013-07-29
Floor Plan 2013-07-29
Geotechnical Investigation 2013-07-29
Landscape Plan 2013-07-29
Location Map Perspective 2013-07-29
Pedestrian Views 2013-07-29
Planning Rationale 2013-07-29
Servicing Brief 2013-07-29
Site Perspective 2013-07-29
Site Plan 2013-07-29
Site Render 2013-07-29
Site Survey 2013-07-29
Transportation Comment 2013-07-29
Date Status
2013-10-03 Zoning By-law in Effect
2012-09-13 By-law Passed - In Appeal Period

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