Zoning By-law Amendment: The proposed development will consist of one mixed-use building including ground floor to be used for commercial/retail uses; Five floors of above ground parking ; Twenty-nine floors of residential uses. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 14 - SOMERSET - Diane Holmes
Address (Zoning) 490 Preston Street (TM[1936] S287)
491 Preston Street (TM[86])
492 Preston Street (TM[1936] S287)
495 Preston Street (TM[86])
499 Preston Street (TM[86])
500 Preston Street (TM[1936] S287)
Title Modified
Revised - Comparative Sun Shadow Study 2013-07-16
Revised Adequacy of Services 2013-07-16
Revised elevations 2013-07-16
Revised Site Plan Proposal 2013-07-16
Revised Traffic Report 2013-07-16
Elevations 2011-07-20
Environmental Site Assessment - Phases I-II 2011-07-20
Floor Plan - 2nd to 5th Level 2011-07-20
Floor Plan - 6th & Typical 2011-07-20
Floor Plan - LL1 to Ground Level 2011-07-20
Floor Plan - Lower Level 2011-07-20
Geotechnical Report 2011-07-20
Planning Rationale 2011-07-20
Roof Plan 2011-07-20
Site Plan 2011-07-20
Site Servicing Report 2011-07-20
Sun Shade Study 2011-07-20
Survey Plan 2011-07-20
Transportation Sstudy D07-12-11-0057 2011-07-20
Date Status
2013-08-15 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2013-07-17 Comment Period in Progress

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