Zoning By-law Amendment: The proposed development includes demolishing the existing dwelling and constructing a 13-storey residential building with 36 dwelling units. The Zoning Amendment proposes to remove the existing Floor Space Index of 2.5 and replace it with a maximum height limit of 45 metres, reduce visitor parking space requirements to 0, to permit a reduced driveway width of 4 metres to access the parking garage and to reduce the setback to a watercourse. The building will provide pedestrian access from a lobby fronting onto Wurtemburg Street. Underground parking is proposed with a total of 18 parking spaces. Access to the parking area will be provided from Wurtemburg Street. As part of the excavation for the building's basement, the unstable slope adjacent to the river will be removed and reconstructed as a reinforced Mechanically Stabilized Earth system. The face of the reconstructed slope will use topsoil as a medium to support the re-vegetation of the slope. A landscape plan has been submi View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 12 - RIDEAU-VANIER - Mathieu Fleury
Address (Zoning) 101 Wurtemburg Street (R5C[926] F(2.5))
Possibly related devapp(s) D07-12-11-0057 - Site Plan Control
D07-05-16-0003 - Demolition Control
Title Modified
Environmental Impact Statement - Part 2 2016-06-13
(Rev May 2016) Phase 1 Environmental Assesment 2016-04-21
(Rev May 2016) Planning Rationale 2016-04-18
(Rev May 2016) Geotechnical Study Memo 2016-03-01
(Rev May 2016) Grade Control & Drainage 2016-02-22
(Rev May 2016) Site Servicing Brief 2016-02-22
(Rev May 2016) Site Servicning Plan 2016-02-22
(Rev May 2016) Stormwater Management Plan 2016-02-22
(Rev May 2016) Architectual Building Elevation Drawings 2016-02-19
(Rev May 2016) Architectual Building Elevation Drawings 2 2016-02-19
(Rev May 2016) Parking Garage Plan 1 2016-02-19
(Rev May 2016) Parking Garage Plan 2 2016-02-19
(Rev May 2016) Parking Garage Plan 3 2016-02-19
(Rev May 2016) Shadow Study 2016-02-19
(Rev May 2016) Site Plan 2016-02-19
(Rev May 2016) Survey Plan 2016-02-19
Environmental Impact Statement - Part 5 2011-04-15
Environmental Impact Statement - Part 6 2011-04-15
Environmental Impact Statement - Part 7 2011-04-15
Assessment of Adequacy of Public Services - Site Servicing Study 2011-04-14
Environmental Impact Statement - Part 3 2011-04-14
Environmental Impact Statement - Part 4 2011-04-14
Environmental Site Assessment - Phase I 2011-04-14
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan 2011-04-14
Geotechnical Study - Slope Stability Study 2011-04-14
Grading Plan 2011-04-14
Landscape Plan 2011-04-14
Planning Rationale 2011-04-14
Site Plan 2011-04-14
Stormwater Site Management Report 2011-04-14
Stormwater Site Plan 2011-04-14
Sun Shadow Study 2011-04-14
Date Status
2016-06-03 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2016-05-04 Comment Period in Progress
2011-06-13 Application on Hold

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