Zoning By-law Amendment: Description of Site and Surroundings On July 27, 2009 the Committee of Adjustment approved a lot line adjustment, which conveyed a portion of the property (2,085 sq. m) known as 1170 March Road to 1156 March Road. As a result of this conveyance the total property subject to this zoning amendment is 4212 sq. m. The lands are currently vacant, however it is noted that the original site known as 1156 March Road formerly operated as a Mr. Gas Service Station. The surronding land uses include a landscape/nursery operation, residential and vacant lands. Details of Requested Zoning By-law Amendment Proposal The property is designated "General Rural Area" in the City of Ottawa Official Plan and is currently zoned RC2[467r] - Rural Commercial Sub-zone 2 Exception 467r (1156 March Road) and RU - Rural Countryside (1170 March Road). The owner wishes to re-develop the entire parcel into a gasoline service station and convenience store. The previous zoning (exception) on the Mr. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 5 - WEST CARLETON-MARCH - Eli El-Chantiry
Address (Zoning) 1156 MARCH (RC2[467r])
1170 MARCH (RU)
Title Modified
Archaeological Assessment 2016-07-25
Architectural Building Elevation Drawings 2016-07-25
Civil Plans 2016-07-25
Geotechnical Study 2016-07-25
Hydrogeological Water Quality & Quantity Assessment 2016-07-25
Phase l - Environmental Site Assessment 2016-07-25
Planning Rationale 2016-07-25
Sewage Treatment Plan 2016-07-25
Stormwater Management & Site Servicing Report 2016-07-25
Transportation Brief 2016-07-25
Tree Conservation Report & Environmental Impact Statement 2016-07-25
Environmental_Site_Assessment_Phase_II_ 2009-08-27
Environmental_Site_Assessment_Phase_I_ 2009-08-27
Site_Remediation_ 2009-08-27
Date Status
2017-04-24 Notice of Public Meeting Sent
2017-03-31 Application Reactivated
2016-11-28 Application File Pending
2016-07-13 Application Reactivated
2009-09-23 Application on Hold

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