Official Plan Amendment: The Mer Bleue Urban Expansion Area Community Design Plan is following an integrated Planning Act and Environmental Assessment Act process, for implementation by an Official Plan Amendment and Secondary Plan. The CDP area is generally bounded to the west by Mer Bleue Road ; the east by Tenth Line Road, the north by Mer Bleue area (i.e. the Avalon West development area), and at southern limit along Wall Road (at west) through community of Notre Dame Des Champs and to Tenth Line Road at approximately the mid-way point between Wall Road and Navan Road. Visit the study website ottawa.ca/merbleuecdp View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 19 - CUMBERLAND - Stephen Blais
Address (Zoning)
Title Modified
2017-06-01- Master Transportation Study - 2017-06-01
2017-06-01- Master Transportation Study Appendices - 2017-06-01
2017-05-18 - Community Design Plan - 2017-05-18
2017-05-18 - Environmental Management Plan - 2017-05-18
2017-05-18 - Location Map - 2017-05-18
2017-05-18 - Master Servicing Study - 2017-05-18
2017-05-18 - Mer Bleue Urban Expansion Area Secondary Plan - 2017-05-18
2017-05-18 - Official Plan Amendment Proposal Summary - 2017-05-18
Date Status
2017-08-16 No Appeal - Official Plan Amendment Adopted
2017-07-27 In Appeal Period
2017-07-12 Amendment Approved by Council
2017-05-15 Comment Period in Progress

No map because no addresses were detected in the development application.
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