Official Plan Amendment: Proposed medical facility, office, and retail space, in 3 separate buildings, as well as a low-rise apartment building. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 21 - RIDEAU-GOULBOURN - Scott Moffatt
Address (Zoning) 6265 PERTH (VM1[829r] H(11))
Possibly related devapp(s) D02-02-16-0050 - Zoning By-law Amendment
Possibly related by-laws 2016-414: A by-law of the City of Ottawa to amend the Official Plan for the City of Ottawa to amend Volume 2C, Richmond Secondary Plan to re-designate the land uses for the lands known municipally as 6265 Perth Street and PIN 044370215.
2016-415: A by-law of the City of Ottawa to amend By-law No. 2008-250 of the City of Ottawa to change the zoning of the lands known municipally as 6265 Perth Street and PIN 044370215
Title Modified
Circulation Application Summary 2016-07-06
Circulation Comment Sheet 2016-07-06
Circulation Location Map 2016-07-06
Planning Rationale 2016-06-21
Transportation Brief 2016-06-17
Site Servicing Brief 2016-06-16
Concept Elevations 03 2016-06-13
Concept Elevations 04 2016-06-13
Concept Elevations 05 2016-06-13
Concept Elevations 06 2016-06-13
Concept Site Plan 2016-06-13
Concept Servicing Plan 2016-06-10
Hydrogeological Assessment 2016-06-10
Retail Analysis 2016-06-02
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment 2016-04-04
Date Status
2017-01-11 No Appeal - Official Plan Amendment Adopted
2016-12-22 In Appeal Period
2016-12-14 Application Approved by Council
2016-11-24 Application Recommended to Council for Approval
2016-08-08 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2016-07-11 Comment Period in Progress

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