Official Plan Amendment: The City of Ottawa is working on updates to the Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-law relating to aviation noise. The City of Ottawa is proposing to amend the Official Plan to Add a new composite 35 Noise Exposure Projection /Noise Exposure Forecast line around the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport; Amend Section 4.8.6 of the Official Plan to streamline airport noise policies and add a new figure illustrating noise areas and land use restrictions; and Make necessary changes to the Zoning By-Law section 70 and Schedule 6. The changes to Annex 10 affect only a small number of properties very near the airport. In this area new applications for noise sensitive development including infill will not be approved. Other changes proposed will help to improve clarity and interpretation of the Official Plan and Zoning By-law or are necessary updates based on previous council decisions or changes to the names of legislation. View application on ottawa.ca

WardMultiple Wards - -
Address (Zoning)
Title Modified
Comment Sheet -fiche de commentaires 2016-11-23
detail - ch River Road - Ch Limebank Rd 2016-11-23
proposed - schedule 6 - proposition 2016-11-23
Sommaire de la proposition - application summary 2016-11-23
Proposed - Annex 10 - Proposition 2016-09-07
Date Status
2017-02-02 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2016-11-16 Comment Period in Progress

No map because no addresses were detected in the development application.
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