Official Plan Amendment: The City of Ottawa has received Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment applications to permit the redevelopment of the shopping centre site. The proposal includes the addition of 800 residential units to the site within 4 new mixed use buildings; a redistribution of commercial space on the site; the addition of landscaped open space; pedestrian connections and transit supportive amenities. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 18 - ALTA VISTA - Jean Cloutier
Address (Zoning) 1910 ST-LAURENT, BOULEVARD (AM10[2406] S372-h)
Possibly related devapp(s) D02-02-15-0087 - Zoning By-law Amendment
D07-12-18-0173 - Site Plan Control
Title Modified
Phase II ESA 2017-08-10
Othello Avenue Technical Memo Parsons 2017-07-22
Phase I ESA Report 2017-07-21
Elmvale Acres Secondary Plan FR 2017-06-23
OPA Schedule1 2017-06-22
OPA189 Schedule 2017-06-07
Open House Boards 2017-06-02
Community Transportation Study Appendices 2017-05-17
Building Height Schedule 2017-05-16
Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre Secondary Plan 2017-05-16
Land Use Schedule 2017-05-16
Public Realm and Transportation Schedule 2017-05-16
Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre CTS Final Draft 2017-05-15
Updated Demonstration Plan 2017-05-15
Zoning By-law Amendment 2017-05-12
Zoning Schedule1 2017-05-12
Circulation Summary of Secondary Plan 2017-01-17
Draft_Secondary Plan 2017-01-17
Planning Primer EN 2017-01-17
Planning Primer FR 2017-01-17
Summary of Public Comments FR 2017-01-17
Draft Master Plan 2017-01-16
Noise Study - Addendum 2016-12-23
Assessment of Adequacy of Public Services - Updated 2016-12-21
Community Transportation Study - Updated 2016-12-21
Pedestrian Level Wind Study - Addendum 2016-12-21
Perspectives 2016-12-21
Revised Concept Plan (Phasing) 2016-12-21
Shadow Study - Updated 2016-12-21
Draft Secondary Plan Schedules 2016-12-09
Terms of Reference 2016-08-05
Summary of Public Comments EN 2016-04-05
Pedestrian Level Wind Study 2016-02-22
Sun Shadow Study 2016-01-22
Application Summary 2016-01-13
Transportation Impact Study 2015-12-17
Site Plan 2015-12-11
Elevations 3a 2015-12-10
Elevations 3b 2015-12-10
Elevations 4a 2015-12-10
Elevations 4b 2015-12-10
Elevations Phase 1 2015-12-10
Elevations Phase 2 2015-12-10
Noise Study 2015-12-10
Planning Rationale 2015-12-10
Survey Plan 2015-12-10
Assessment of Adequacy of Public Services Study 2015-12-08
Landscape Plan 2015-12-07
Date Status
2017-09-19 Second By-law in Effect
2017-08-08 No Appeal - Official Plan Amendment Adopted
2017-07-19 In Appeal Period
2017-06-27 Application Recommended to Council for Approval
2017-06-16 Notice of Public Meeting Sent
2017-01-18 Comment Period in Progress
2016-02-12 Application File Pending
2016-01-14 Comment Period in Progress

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