Official Plan Amendment: City initiated - The purpose of the Official Plan Amendment is to provide policies that implement the land use and urban design components of the update to the Riverside South Community Design Plan View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 22 - GLOUCESTER-SOUTH NEPEAN - Michael Qaqish
Address (Zoning)
Title Modified
Draft Concept Plan-Community Core 2015-09-23
Density Distribution Map 2015-09-18
Gateway Areas 2015-09-18
Open Space Plan 2015-09-18
Parks designs 2015-09-18
Plan d'utilisation du sol provisoire 2015-09-18
Road Hierarchy 2015-09-18
Land Use Map1 2015-09-15
Application Summary, OPA, billingual 2015-09-10
OPA map 2015-09-10
Transit Map 2015-09-10
Draft Master Drainage Plan 2015-09-09
Draft-Core Area Plan 2015-09-09
Draft CDP, text only 2015-08-27
Street Cross Section 2015-08-27
Core Area Urban Design Guildelines-February 2006 2012-04-25
Date Status
2016-07-18 Second By-law in Effect
2015-09-10 Community "Heads Up" - Completed

No map because no addresses were detected in the development application.
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