Official Plan Amendment: The purpose of the Official Plan Amendment is to change the Official Plan designation from 'Urban Expansion Study Area' to 'General Urban Area' to permit the development of a 29 hectare subdivision. The proposed subdivision will consist of approximately 242 single detached dwellings, 230 townhouse dwellings and 70 high density residential dwellings. The proposal will also include commercial uses and a mixed use area fronting onto Bank Street. Two parks and a school site are proposed as part of the development. The subject lands are currenlty designated Urban Expansion Study Area in the Official Plan and are also identified within the Leitrim Community Design Plan as future expansion. View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 20 - OSGOODE - George Darouze
Address (Zoning) 4791 BANK (RU)
Title Modified
Community Transportation Study 2016-06-21
Community Transportation Study - appendices 2016-06-21
Concept Plan 2016-06-21
Conceptual Site Servicing Report 2016-06-21
EMP approval letter 2016-06-21
Phase 1 ESA 2016-06-21
Planning Rationale 2016-06-21
Environmental Management Plan 2016-06-17
Date Status
2016-09-16 Application Reactivated
2016-07-25 Application File Pending
2016-07-20 Comment Period has Ended/Issue Resolution
2016-06-22 Comment Period in Progress

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