Official Plan Amendment: Site Location The subject properties are located in the downtown area within the Former City of Vanier. This area is bound by North River Road to the west, McArthur Road to the south, Ducharme Boulevard to the east and Deschamps Avenue to the north. Description of Site/Area and Surroundings The area contains a variety of residential, commercial, office and institutional uses. Purpose of Official Plan Amendment Proposal The purpose of the Official Plan Amendment is to update the existing Site Specific Policies for the Former City of Vanier as contained in the City of Ottawa's Official Plan and subsequent zoning. The boundary of the area may also be amended as part of this process. Related Planning Applications Zoning By-law Amendment D02-02-12-0129 Approval Timelines & Authority The "On Time Decision Date", i.e. the target date the application will be considered by the City's Planning Committee is May 28, 2013. Further Information To obtain further inform View application on ottawa.ca

WardWard 12 - RIDEAU-VANIER - Mathieu Fleury
Address (Zoning)
Title Modified
Open House Boards February 6 FR 2013-03-18
Open House Boards from February 6 2013-02-07
Existing Volume 2B of the Official Plan - SIte Specific Policies 2013-01-04
Former City of Vanier - West, East and Central Sectors. 2013-01-04
Study Boundary Location Map 2013-01-04
Date Status
2013-11-13 Appealed to OMB
2013-10-24 In Appeal Period
2013-10-09 Application Approved by Council
2013-01-25 Application on Hold

No map because no addresses were detected in the development application.
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